The Gavo Gassystem
Our mission is to improve the efficiency of Transport companies, whilst considering environmental issues. With the Gavo Gas system, transport companies can significantly reduce their fuel consumption and resulting expenses, and at the same time reduce pollution caused by diesel engine emissions. This is achieved by a unique concept of running a conventional diesel engine on a mixture of diesel and LPG. This concept is known as Bi-fuel.

Purpose of Gavo Gassystem
The Gavo Gas system makes it possible to run conventional Diesel engines, for example as used in trucks, on a mixture of Diesel and LPG. This concept results in a 15-20% reduction in fuel consumption and a significant reduction in exhaust pollution.

The concept of Bi-Fuel
Depending on the age and condition of a diesel engine, between 85 to 90% of the engine’s fuel is actually burned, with 10 to 15%  remaining unused. By adding a controlled amount of LPG into the inlet manifold, it is possible to significantly improve the efficiency of the combustion. The LPG ignited by the burning Diesel burns relatively slow, causing a more complete combustion of the fuel, resulting in a 98% Diesel combustion efficiency.

Functionality of Gavo Gassystem
The Gavo Gas system computer constantly calculates the Diesel and LPG mixture injected into the engine, in order to achieve the best performance. The mixture depends on parameters like injected fuel, speed, turbo pressure and engine temperature. For newer engines, the computer takes the reference data from the CAN-bus, for engines without CAN-bus, it takes the turbo pressure and revolutions as a reference.

The Gavo Gas system is an “add on” and can be installed in one day. The Gavo Gasystem works independently from the standard fuel injection. This means that you can refill the LPG at your convenience. With a standard LPG tank of 21 Gallon, you can drive approximately 1370 Miles.


The components of the Gavo Gas system are Gastec and ECE R-67.01 certified.

The Gavo Gas system is a cost saving opportunity for Transport companies or individual drivers with, a return of investment in about one year. The Gavo Gas system saves fuel, saves the environment and due to a cleaner engine, your engine requires less maintenance.